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Wine & Cheese Gift Baskets For Mother's Day

Wine & Cheese Gift Baskets
For Mother's Day
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Opus One

Opus One - $ 475.00
Exclusive, delightful, refined - like the one who inspired this basket. A true connoisseur will never forget this thoughtful gift.Antique Grape Rectangle BasketChoice of Opus One Red Table Wine or Château Mouton RothschildEstancia Pinnacles ChardonnayOpus Guylian ChocolateCrown Jewel PopcornPacific Gold Pistachio NutsSanta Barbara Stuffed OlivesNikki's Shortbread CookiesVermont Black Currant SyrupChocolate Grapes by EstherMacy's Original Cheddar Cheesesticks4 Lindt ChocolatesLindt Dark Chocolate BarLaTempesta Chocolate Macadamia Biscotti

The Vineyard

The Vineyard - $ 285.00
Experience the tastes and elegance of the California Wine Country. The wonderful wines and gourmet products of the region are brought home in this basket.Cane Picnic Market BasketGrgich Napa Valley ChardonnayEstancia Cabernet SauvignonChandon Fresco Brut 'Champagne' (Sparkling Wine)Clearbrook Farms California Peach Old Fashioned PreservesWine Spectator's Wine Country Guide to CaliforniaEsther's White Chocolate With Lemon CandyHarrison Vineyards Olive OilCheddar CheeseWine Biscuits-ChardonnayMaille MustardWine Biscuits-CabernetCorkscrew

The Picnic

The Picnic - $ 265.00
Off to the park! This classic reusable basket is already packed full of delectable treats and a camera for your memories. Everything needed for a lazy day in the shade of a tree. Just add sunshine and good friends.Picnic Basket with Green Gingham Liner, including forks, knives, plates, acrylic wine glasses, containers, cheese knife, cheese board and napkins.Forest Glen ChardonnayFrench Brie CheeseHavarti with DillLa Tempesta Chocolate Macadamia BiscottiTony Packo's Pickles and PeppersSanta Barbara Garlic Stuffed OlivesCarr's Assorted BiscuitsMaille Mustard5 Lindt ChocolatesLindt Chocolate BarDisposable Camera

The Crown Jewel

The Crown Jewel - $ 245.00
The definition of gourmet basket. Our staff's favorite. Each item is carefully selected by our professionals. A great way to pass your great taste on to someone you care about.Round Walnut Market BasketAndrew Quady Desert WineHarrison Vineyards OilCavalli Balsamic VinegarVermont Gold Chocolate Raspberry SyrupGuylian Opus ChocolatesHogue Farms Pickled Sweet BellsStonewall Kitchen MustardClearbrook Farms Old Fashioned PreservesCalifornia Harvest Sundried TomatoesChocolate Turtles by EstherLa Tempesta Chocolate Macadamia BiscottiWine Biscuits-CabernetLindt Chocolate Bar

To Die For…

To Die For… - $ 239.95
Dom Perignon Gift Box presented with 1 bag of chocolate covered pretzel twists and 1 bag of chocolate covered Oreo cookies…

Mother-in-Law Meltdown

Mother-in-Law Meltdown - $ 239.95
Dom Perignon Gift Box delicately accompanied by 12 chocolate foiled rosebuds in a box

Golfer’s Paradise

Golfer’s Paradise - $ 229.95
Dom Perignon Gift Box displayed with a chocolate golf bag and 2 chocolate golf balls in an attractive box

The Chef's Bowl

The Chef's Bowl - $ 220.00
A cornucopia of unique and specially selected products sure to inspire and add excitement to a gourmet's future creations.Ceramic Blue and White Sponged Bowl with Two NapkinsThe Spice Hunter Shitake MushroomsElena's Pasta SauceHartley & Gibson Dry Fino SherryCeppo Antico Extra Virgin Olive OilAmore Garlic PasteFlavor Bank Pepper RoyaleStoller's HoneyAmore Tomato PasteRomano CheeseElena's Rainbow GemelliLindt Dark Chocolate Bar10"" Wire WhiskHoney Pot with Honey SpoonCheese Grater

A Toast to Dom Perignon
A Toast to Dom Perignon - $ 219.95
Is someone important to you about to celebrate a very special occasion or accomplishment? If there were ever a time to raise a toast to a major event in someone's life, this prestigious bottle of Dom Perignon (750 ml) is the ideal choice. To remind them again and again of this momentous occasion, we've added two classic Champagne Flutes, as well as six Chocolate Truffle Balls to sweeten the memory all the more.

Warmest Regards
Warmest Regards - $ 199.95
1 lb. ground St. Domineco’s Blend1 lb. ground La Minita Tarrazu1 lb. ground Columbian1 lb. WB Celebes Kalossi1 bottle Monin Peach iced tea concentrate1 Krubs Grinder1 three cup French press2 gold coffee bricks (2 oz. coffee)1 box English Breakfast decaf tea15 enveloped tea bags6 packets assorted cocoa13 packets of 1.5 oz. assorted coffees (each packet brews 1 pot)Decaffeinated availableDisplayed in a Lovely Woven Wood Basket with Solid Wood Handles

Celebration - $ 195.00
A business success, love, a milestone - all marked with the classic raised glass. Enchanting delicacies complete this basket. You supply your finest toast.Wash Basket with HandlesMoet et Chandon White Star Champagne2 Champagne Flutes (optional with your logo)Black CaviarFrench Brie CheeseCarr's Table Water Crackers9 Lindt Chocolate BallsPacific Gold Pistachio NutsMother of Pearl Caviar Spoon

The Italian Delight

The Italian Delight - $ 175.00
Ciao! Like a trip to a traditional old world market, the lucky person who gets this basket has all the ingredients for a classic meal. Like mama used to make.Split Cane Market BasketCalifornia Harvest Marinated Yellow Sundried TomatoesLa Tempesta Chocolate Macadamia BarStonewall Kitchen Maple Chipotle SauceHarrison Vineyards OilCheese GraterStraccali ChiantiElena's Rainbow GemelliElena's Pasta SauceElena's Marinara SauceGrissini Bread SticksRomano CheeseAmore Pesto PasteAmore Tomato Paste

The 19th Hole

The 19th Hole - $ 150.00
A crate full of birdies and eagles. The golf lover will find a range of products to relax and tell tales over, long after the day's round is done.Slotted Wood CrateChoice of Vermont Honey Mustard pretzel DipGolf Balls (optional with your logo), Tees, Ball Marks, Divot ToolHavarti Cheese with DillForest Glen ChardonnayCorkscrewEast Shore Pretzels (Not Pictured)Crunchie Munchie Snack MixCarr's Water CrackersMacy's Romano Garlic CheesesticksWine Biscuits-ChardonnayChocolate Golf BallsGolf Wine Bottle Jacket

Ohio Gold

Ohio Gold - $ 145.00
The Buckeye State's finest bounty. Tantalizing treats, tidbits and goodies sure to add a hometown flavor to breakfast, lunch and dinner.Cane Market BasketPacific Gold Pistachio NutsLa Tempesta Chocolate Macadamia BiscottiCrunchie Munchie Snack MixTony Packo's Chili RecipeClearbrook Farms Old Fashioned PreservesHarrison Vineyards VinegarVermont Gold Maple SyrupFowler's Mill Pancake MixDeBonné Vineyards ChardonnayBertman Ball Park MustardEsther's White Chocolate with Lemon CandyCleveland Indians Baseball Cap

Welcome - $ 135.00
A greeting that says more than words ever can. A basket that combines gourmet tastes with downhome, friendly goodness.White Straw Mini Wash BasketPacific Gold Pistachio NutsMacy's Original Cheddar CheesesticksCarr's Table CrackersNikki's Shortbread CookiesLindt Chocolate BarBear Creek Country Kitchen SoupMaille Dijon MustardUsinger's Beef SausageEstancia Pinnacles ChardonnayLa Tempesta BiscottiCheese Board and Knife4 Wooden SpoonsHavarti with Dill

The Sunday Brunch

The Sunday Brunch - $ 115.00
Just add the morning paper and the rising sun. Everything it takes to pamper someone special with a morning's worth of sumptuous delights.Fern Stick Tray with Side HandlesFowler's Mill Pancake Mix2 Chandon Brut Cuvee 'Champagne' SplitsBerardi's CoffeeVermont Gold Maple SyrupBremner WafersFresh GrapefruitSmoked Pacific Sockeye SalmonBerardi's English Breakfast and Apricot TeasLa Tempesta Chocolate Macadamia BiscottiClearbrook Farms Strawberry PreservesNatural Cloth Tea Towel

Tea for Two… and More!

Tea for Two… and More! - $ 114.95
1 Bottle Monin Peach iced tea1 Bodum Tea Press30 12 oz. assorted loose-leaf teas2 assorted 10 count packaged tea bags20 enveloped tea bags7 assorted packages of Oregon Dry Chai MixDecaffeinated availableBeautifully Presented in a Woven Wood Basket with Handle

Hangover Helper

Hangover Helper - $ 114.95
1 lb. ground St. Domineco’s Blend1 lb. ground La Minita Tarrazu1 lb. ground Kona Blend20 packets of 1.5 oz. assorted coffees (each packet brews 1 pot)4 - 2 oz. assorted coffee bricks1 Torani Tyke Almond Roca flavor syrup2 Malley’s chocolate and coffee beans bar3 packets of ZoZo Beans (2 dark chocolate, 1 milk chocolate)Decaffeinated availablePacked Full and Presented in a Woven Wood Trunk with Handle

The Get Well

The Get Well - $ 100.00
Truly a gift given in good health. A collection of tasty, healthful treats, including the best medicine of all - chicken soup.Willow Coiled BasketElena's Rainbow GemelliElena's Marinara SauceKitchen Basic Chicken BrothBear Creek Country Kitchen SoupBerardi's English Breakfast and Apricot TeaStonewall Kitchen Maple Chipotle SauceHouge BeansGrissini Bread SticksNikki's CookiesGhiradelli Chocolate Macadamia BarCrown Jewel PopcornLindt Chocolate TrufflesStoller's Honey2 Apples and a Grapefruit

Corporate Clincher

Corporate Clincher - $ 99.95
Woo and win potential business affiliates with this classic woven wood and bamboo trunk, which features a variety of gourmet goods to please the most discerning palate. Inside, Romanoff Caviar (2 oz) nestled with French brie cheese (8 oz), Alaska Smoked Salmon (2 oz), Carr's Table Water Crackers (4.5 oz), two gourmet flavored cappucinos (0.75 oz each), Pacific Gold pistachio nuts (150 gms), and - the perfect complement to such a luxurious repast - your choice of 1 bottle of Timber Ridge Cabernet, Eagle Creek Chardonnay, or Pacific Cliffs Merlot, presented in a gold-tassled velvet wine sack. Dimensions: 13'' x 8.5'' x 5.5''.

Alcohol is Out… Taste is In!

Alcohol is Out… Taste is In! - $ 99.95
This classic woven wood and bamboo trunk features a variety of gourmet goods to please the most discerning palate. Romanoff Caviar (2 oz) nestled with French brie cheese (8 oz), Alaska Smoked Salmon (2 oz), Carr's Table Water Crackers (4.5 oz), two gourmet flavored cappuccinos (0.75 oz each), gourmet cashew nuts and - the perfect complement to such a luxurious repast - your choice of 1 bottle of Non Alcoholic Ariel Chardonnay or Ariel Cabernet, presented in a gold-tasseled velvet wine sack. Dimensions: 13'' x 8.5'' x 5.5''

For The Lady

For The Lady - $ 79.00
Elegant, refined, beautiful, and so richly deserved. Tastes and tidbits that pamper the delicate palate of that special woman.Keepsake Hat BoxBottle of The Republic of TeaBerardi English Breakfast and Apricot TeasGourmet CappuccinoChocolate HeartsNikki's Amaretto CookiesLindt Chocolate BarLindt Chocolate TrufflesCabot Vermont CheddarCrown Jewel Yellow Topaz PopcornCarr's Croissant Crackers

The Kosher Snack Basket

The Kosher Snack Basket - $ 49.95
Displayed in a classic round cocoa midrib bowl basket with Flavored Bottled Tea, Bremner Wafers, Clearbrook Farms Old Fashioned Preserves, Nikki's Shortbread Cookies, Brent & Sam's Gourmet Cookies, 2 Gourmet Cappuccinos. OTC Wine Crackers in the picture is not part of the assortment but Honey Acres Honey, in a Bear Shaped squeeze bottle, is part of the assortment (not pictured)

Grapevine Wine Chest

Grapevine Wine Chest - $ 39.95
A grape design inlay accents this beautiful wood and bamboo chest, accommodating a bottle of selected wine. It truly exudes the rustic spirit of the vineyard, and the sophistication of the fine wine inside. Choose the perfect bottle from our Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, Port, Dessert Wine, or Moet & Chandon Champagne options. Gift is approximately 14'' x 5'' x 4''.Now Offering the Grapevine Wine Chest Duo. To order, simply select one of the 2-bottle choices below.

The Dorm Warmer

The Dorm Warmer - $ 37.95
1 lb. ground St. Domineco’s blend coffee1 lb. ground Columbian coffee5 packets of 1.5 oz. assorted coffees (each packet brews 1 pot)3 packets of cocoa10 enveloped tea bagsDecaffeinated availableWarmly Displayed in a Wash Basket with Handles

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