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New York First

New York First
Classie Ladies Lingerie & Decadent Essential's

Classie Ladies Lingerie

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Cole Porter Autograph
- $ 650.00
A classic for the serious collector: framed photo of Mr. Porter, (12" x 16" overall) with signature in his own unmistakable handwriting. One of a kind.

Original Great Seal Rug

Ronald Reagan Historic Photo
- $ 75.00
Classic 5" x 7" photograph, 13" W x 11"H overall, with brass plate featuring replica signature and inspiring quote from Ronald Reagan:
"From new freedom will spring new opportunities for growth, a more productive, fulfilled, and united people, and a stronger America - an America that will lead the technological revolution and also open its mind and heart and soul to the treasures of literature, music, poetry and the values of faith, courage, and love. America must remain freedom's staunchest friend, for freedom is our best ally and it is the world's only hope to conquer poverty and preserve peace."

St. Patrick’s Cathedral
- $ 65.00
Architecture has been called "the mother of all the arts," and Saint Patrick's Cathedral, on the corner of New York's Fifth Avenue and 51st Street, is a masterpiece of the decorated and geometric style of Gothic ecclesiastical architecture as well as one of the structural wonders of New York City.
The Cathedral is noted for its purity of style, originality of design, harmony of proportions, beauty of material, and workmanship. It is existing proof that American architects and American artisans can hold their own with the architects and artisans of the Old World and that Catholics of America can raise sacred structures that captivate and cultivate the admiration of those who see it.

Master sculptor Ovidin Colea captures the soaring, symmetrical composition, the beauty and grace that dominated the midtown skyline when it was completed in 1879. His 11-inch-high scaled replica is an extraordinary work of art in its own right, cast from two pounds of banded marble and coated with a hand-painted metallic finish. Crafted in New York City.

JFK's Desk Sign
JFK's Desk Sign
- $ 59.00
The exact replica is cast in brass and mounted on a solid mahogany base (5 1/2-inches x 2 1/2-inches).

Harry Truman's Desk Sign
Harry Truman's Desk Sign
- $ 100.00
Approximately 2-1/2" x 13" in size and mounted on walnut base, the painted sign has the words "I'm From Missouri" on the reverse side. The replicas are commissioned by the Truman Library and hand-crafted by inmates of the Missouri State Penitentiary.

Faithful Lincoln Rocker
- $ 595.00
Our fine Victorian reproduction Lincoln Rocker is constructed from solid, premium-grade maple, given a hand-rubbed mahogany finish to endure, and expertly upholstered in a choice of luxury fabrics. Its high headrest is exquisite, the lumbar curve is magical, and the chair is so well balanced it rocks as easily as a far less substantial piece of furniture. True to the smallest detail of the original, our Lincoln Rocker measures 23"W x 36"D x 45"H. Crafted by folks obsessed with the honesty, integrity, and quality of an American icon.

The True Kennedy Rocker

The Fire Truck
- $ 249.00
These classic, fully-assembled pedal vehicles are nicknamed “sad face” because of the grillwork which resembles a 1949 Packard, giving the impression of an upside-down smile. These are "all steel" full child size pedal vehicles recommended for children ages 3 to 7 years old.

Pea-Shooter Pedal Pursuit Plane
- $ 349.00
Inspired by the 1941 all-steel "Pea-Shooter" Pursuit Plane, this is an extremely faithful reproduction of the most popular pedal vehicle of all time! Constructed in heavy-gauge metal and trimmed in chrome, features include windshield, steering wheel, dummy machine guns, exhaust ports, propeller that turns when the plane is pedaled, and solid rubber tires for a smooth ride. It's a child-size plane for kids 3 to 7 years old, and a collector's item for kids of all ages.

The Estate Wagon
- $ 239.00
These classic, fully-assembled pedal vehicles are nicknamed “sad face” because of the grillwork which resembles a 1949 Packard, giving the impression of an upside-down smile. These are "all steel" full child size pedal vehicles recommended for children ages 3 to 7 years old.

Cooking a la Ritz

The Cordon Bleu Cook Book

The Gentleman's Companion (2-Volume Set)
The Gentleman's Companion (2-Volume Set)
- $ 95.00
When Town and Country magazine sent Charles Baker on assignment around the world, what followed was a 2-volume compilation, unique in the history of cocktail and cooking recipe guidebooks. A limited number of the rare 1946 editions are offered for sale.

The Cattleman’s Steak Book
- $ 65.00
Larry “Cat” Ellman’s New York City institution recaptured the charm and manly elegance of a plush San Francisco saloon or hotel at the turn of the century, and became one of the nation’s most successful restaurants. Naturally, beef was its specialty, and The Cattleman’s Steak Book’s 200 recipes capture the flavor of distinctively Western dining from “the adult Western restaurant.”

Plaza Suite Collection
- $ 24.00
New York without the Plaza is unthinkable. It is the embodiment of the “Grand Hotel,” even if it pales in size to the likes of the Waldorf-Astoria. With its roofline peaks and rounded turrets, high loggias and balconies topping its facade, the Plaza is the city's best chateau that, like a fine wine, has aged well.
The Plaza pampers its guests with the most indulgent genuine Turkish towels, velour robes, and plush linens. Now you can wrap up in textures worthy of Plaza luxury in your own home.

Unsurpassed Mascioni Turkish towels, with an abundance of tightly wound loops, are legendary for exceptional warmth, softness and absorbency. Toweling is generously sized. Each piece is 100% cotton terry, 600-gram weight, finished with straight hems on all sides and attractive chevron border. Softness is greatly enhanced with subsequent washings.

Set includes 13”x13” Washcloth; 19”x32” Hand Towel; and 27”x54” Estate-Size Bath Towel.

Heated Towel Stand
- $ 99.00
Freestanding heated towel stand with horizontally mounted straight rails. Base is attached using the two allen bolts and allen key provided. Minimal assembly, all hardware and instructions included. Plugs into standard electrical outlet. Illuminated on/off switch. (21"W x 38 3/4"H x 12"D)

Plaza Hotel Bathrobe

Taste of New York Gift Box
- $ 89.00
Two dozen assorted H&H Kosher bagels, two coffee mugs, two 3-oz. packs of Nova Salmon, two 3-oz. packs of cream cheese and one H&H Bagels insulated bag.

The Complete Brooklyn Egg Cream Kit

Soda Fountain Kit

Hamptons Honey Varietal Gift Pack

Rosanna "Hot Chocolate" Collection

Junior's Cheesecake
- $ 36.00
From its corner on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, Junior's Restaurant produces a tall, bronze-skinned, dense classic with an orchestration of different textures. At the core, it is cool, thick, smooth, satiny, and creamy. Radiating outward, it goes gradually from velvet to suede, then, finally, about the edges, it becomes cake-like and fine-pored. The flavor is a complex play of many exciting and subtle flavors -- sweet, tangy, and rich to boot.

Lilac Gift Set

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