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The Use And Pleasure Of Indoor Water Fountains

Submitted By: Elizabeth Jean

In today’s world life seems to move from zero to sixty on a daily basis. As soon as the alarm sounds in the morning it is as if the shot to begin a race has been fired. From the minute we wake until our heads hit the pillow at the end of the day, most of us lead pretty chaotic lives filled with minute-to-minute mayhem. Adding to the pandemonium of all that needs to be accomplished in a day, technological advances have resulted in mass sensory overload. Many of us recognize that the only cure for the constant bombardment to our senses is to force ourselves to slow down and decompress within nature. Since time is often of the essence and most of us cannot spare a few minutes to seek out nature, the best thing to do is to bring nature to us. One cost effective and ideal way to bring nature to us is by adding an indoor water fountain to our immediate environment.

Office Water Fountains

Being at work is probably the most stressful place of all. In order to create a relaxing atmosphere in your work environment placing a small fountain on your desk would instantly bring a sense of peace and relaxation. You can purchase small fountains at any novelty store or even the gardening section of any supermarket. The sound of falling water would surely drown out ambient noises such as the murmur of your computer, the air conditioner and other office machinery. By adding a couple of small indoor plants around your office, you can create an outdoor garden atmosphere where you are sure to feel one with nature. Moreover, by adding an indoor water fountain to your office space, the humidity will help offset the air that is often dry in an office from heaters and monitor fans.

Creating Peace in the Home

If you work from your home adding an indoor water fountain is also a wonderful way to create peace in the lives of not only yourself but your whole family as well. Often we are just as stressed out in our own homes, as we would be if we worked in a formal office away from home. Not only do we have the pressures of needing to get work accomplished, but also if you have children, you have the added pressures of taking care of the family and shuttling the kids to and from school, lessons and team practices. Usually there is constant movement in the home between running kids, animals and all the machines that create noises of their own (refrigerators, computers, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.). This constant movement saps our energies.

Certainly, adding an indoor water fountain or two around the house would instantly force us to slow down a bit. The sound of falling water creates a melody that beckons to be heard. An indoor water fountain would be perfect in spaces like the kitchen or the living room. The calming trickle of falling water slows down the body and mind and renews the human spirit as well. Suddenly, cooking becomes a pleasurable task as you can slow down and turns off your racing mind. Sitting on the couch with your feet up and having the fountain running in the background would be a soothing way to end a long day of running around. You are re-energized as your body and mind are allowed to regroup.

Indoor water fountains can certainly be used as a “cure all” for the daily stresses we experience. Indeed, buying an indoor water fountain is a cost effective way to commune with nature and obtain the tranquility and peace of mind that is important to achieve in this fast pace modern world.

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